The Julia Butterfly PEI


Common Name: The Julia
Scientific Name: Dryas Iulia
Wingspan: 8-9cm
Location: Southern US through to the subtropical regions of southern South America

Males are bright orange, with a narrow black stripe on the forewings and a black edge on the lower hindwing. Females are duller with more black markings. Julia adults are rapid fliers, and can be found in forest clearings and open fields. They feed by 'trap-lining': each day, the adults feed along a learned, set route of nectar sources. Adults nectar from a variety of plants, including lantana and shepherd's needle. In addition to nectar, females feed on dissolved pollen, and males will mud-puddle in groups. Julia adults also will feed on liquid from the eyes of the yellow-throated caimen or turtles. Caterpillars, which are brown with red and white stripes, feed on passion vine.

The Julia Butterfly PEI


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