Great Eggfly Butterfly

Common Name: The Great Eggfly
Scientific Name: Hypolimnas Bolina
Wingspan: 70–85 millimetres (2.8–3.3 in)
Location: Madagascar, South and Southeast Asia, South Pacific islands and parts of Australia, Japan, and New Zealand

It is a fairly common butterfly found in lightly wooded country, deciduous forests, thick and moist scrub, and the greener parts of human habitats. It is known for maternal care, with the females guarding leaves where eggs have been laid. Males are also very territorial and site fidelity increases with age. Territories that enhance the detection of females are preferred. The female hovers over a plant to check for ants which will eat her eggs. After selecting a plant which has no ants on it, she lays at least one but often two to five eggs on the undersides of the leaves.


Photo Courtesy of Fine Art America 


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