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Common Name: Great Orange Tip

Scientific Name: Hebomoia Glaucippe

Wingspan: 70-90mm

Location: South & Southeast Asia


The Great Orange Tip is a butterfly belonging to the Pieridae family, that is the yellows and whites butterflies, found in the Indomalaya ecozone and Wallacea. This species is found in much of South and Southeast Asia, as well as in southern China and southern Japan. It has 27 subspecies. In the wings, a peptide toxin belonging to the family contryphan that are active constituents of the poisonous venom produced by cone snail. This toxin should function as a defence against predatorsA species of the lowlands, it can be found throughout the Island, but the common males can mostly be found on the edges of forests and by streams. The rarer females, however, rarely leave the confines of the forests.


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