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Common Mormon Butterfly

Common Mormon Butterfly

Common Mormon PEI

Common Name: Common Mormon

Scientific Name: Papilio Polytes

Wingspan: 90–100 mm

Location: Asia

The Common Mormon is a common species of swallowtail butterfly widely distributed across Asia. This butterfly is known for the mimicry displayed by the numerous forms of its females which mimic inedible red-bodied swallowtails, such as the common rose and the crimson rose. Jet black butterfly with row of white spots along the middle part of hindwing. They are adaptable, inhabiting tropical and subtropical areas, open forests interspersed with meadows, tropical rainforests, agricultural fields, suburban gardens, and even large cities. Common mormon butterflies cannot fly in winds that blow more quickly than 5 to 10 m/s; thus, they cannot inhabit windy areas that lack sheltering undergrowth. They need access to water or moist earth. The males often engage in puddling behavior, wherein they drink salty fluids from moist ground, puddles, stream edges, coastlines, carrion, or feces. Common mormons require access to the plants that comprise their adult diet and the diet of their larvae. Also necessary is the availability of branches or twigs for pupal support.

Common Mormon Butterfly


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