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What makes Dunoon so special?

Dunoon Fine Bone China

Dunoon is a thriving family business manufacturing the highest quality Fine Bone China mugs and teaware in int factory in Stone, Staffordshire. Dunoon's strength is in producing superior mugs that are objects of beauty and yet practical for everyday use. 

Dunoon's philosophy of creating the highest quality mugs, well designed in both shape and pattern and manufactured with the greatest care for the discerning customer begins by using the finest clay available from Cornwall, South England, which gives Dunoon mugs their translucency whiteness and strength. 

You might be wondering what Dunoon's unique features are. Well, we're glad you asked! 

 Dunoon Fine Bone China

Quality Clays:

As we mentioned above, Dunoon uses a very high-quality Fine Bone China clay containing 50% crushed animal bone giving the mugs their translucency, whiteness, and strength. 

China clays and stoneware clays sourced are of the highest quality.

Slip Cast:

Dunoon slip-cast the mugs- making them beautiful and light, yet resilient and durable. 

Glazes and Pattern Reproduction:

Dunoon uses high-quality glazes and prints to ensure excellent detail and color reproduction of the designs as originally intended by the designer. 

Variety and Wealth of Design:

Dunoon uses both experienced in-house designers and some regular freelance designers. Doing so gives Dunoon its broad range as well as the constant design updates required in today's markets. 

Classic and Contemporary Design: 

Dunoon is always updating its portfolio of designs. The Dunoon design team always keep their eyes peeled for a new and modern idea as well as maintaining classic and traditional themes. They cater to all tastes. 

Factory Quality Standards:

Dunoon mugs are inspected 100% and three times during the manufacturing process and once at final inspection. 

There are 27 separate processes to manufacture the mugs. They make a mug every 2.5 seconds of the working day. Pretty amazing! 




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