Tiger Longwing Butterfly PEI


Common Name: Tiger Longwing

Scientific Name: Heliconius Hecale

Wingspan: 42-50 mm (1.65-2 in)

Location: Mexico to the Peruvian Amazon

All Heliconius species have long black wings bearing simple but striking patterns, typically featuring streaks or patches of red and cream, or blue and cream. Several including hecale have subspecies which mimic 'tiger complex' orange and black Ithomiines. Heliconius butterflies are characterised by having a very delicate fluttering flight, particularly when hovering around flowers. They commonly nectar at Hamelia, Lantana and Palicourea. Unlike other butterflies, Heliconius females feed on pollen as well as nectar.

Tiger Longwing Butterfly PEI


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