Tarricina Longwing Butterfly


Common Name: Tarricina Longwing

Scientific Name: Tithorea Tarricina

Wingspan: 75–80 millimetres (3.0–3.1 in)

Location: Mexico & Central and South America

The Tarricina Longwing is a species of butterflies belonging to the Nymphalidae family. The pattern of the wings is quite variable. Usually the dorsal sides of the forewings are black with white spots, while the hindwings are orange with black margins. The underside are similar, with many small white spots along the black margins. The antennae are black. The beautiful chrysalides are completely golden. It can be found at the edges of forested areas in lowlands and mountain slopes, at an elevation up to 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) above sea level.


Tarricina Longwing Butterfly PEI



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