Silver-Spotted Flambeau Butterfly PEI


Common Name: Silver-Spotted Flambeau
Scientific Name: Dione Juno
Wingspan: 70-75mm
Location: Central and South America, from Mexico to Paraguay

Dione Juno, or The Silver-Spotted Flambeau, is found in Central and South America, from Mexico to Paraguay. The dorsal wing surface is a brilliant reddish- orange edged and veined with black. The wing underside is light reddish-brown and patterned with silvery-white streaks and spots. Each ventral forewing has a large light orange patch. Unlike other Heliconian species, the Silver-Spotted Flambeau does not feed on pollen. The adults fly quickly and erratically. They prefer open, sunny areas, and may be found up to 2500m in altitude.


Silver-Spotted Flambeau Butterfly  PEI


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