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Common Name: African Monarch

Scientific Name: Danaus Chrysippus

Wingspan: 7–8 centimetres (2.8–3.1 in)

Location: Asia and Africa


The African Monarch is mimicked by multiple species. The plain tiger is believed to be one of the first butterflies to be used in art. A 3500-year-old Egyptian fresco in Luxor features the oldest illustration of this species. It’s a medium-sized butterfly. The body is black with many white spots. The wings are tawny, the upper side brighter and richer than the underside. The apical half of the forewing is black with a white band. The hindwing has three black spots around the center. The hindwing has a thin border of black enclosing a series of semicircular white spots. The male plain tiger is smaller than the female, but more brightly colored.

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