Since their return this spring, “our" hummingbirds have been fascinating to observe and it has been fun trying to get some photographs of them. They're always up to something interesting. There are a few pairs who've made our yard their home, although we don’t have the numbers some yards have. As usual, there is a bit of contention between the hummingbirds when it comes to deciding who owns the feeder, who owns the yard, and, of course, who appeals to the ladies! 



In eastern North America, we have only the Ruby-throated Hummingbird, with a few exceptions that might arrive during fall migration. From my observations, they generally show up in spring on the heels of the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. They use the Sapsucker wells as a source of food by eating the sap and the insects that the wells attract. During the summer, they are attracted to our gardens looking for nectar and insects. They are particularly fond of red, tubular flowers. Hummingbirds tend to migrate south in the early fall on their way to South America.


It is useful to note that though they are attracted to red, and it is a useful colour for our feeders, there is no need for a red dye in the syrup which is harmful to Hummingbirds.