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Why preserves create the perfect holiday gift box

Looking for the perfect gift? Include preserves in a personalized gift box.


holiday gift box

Many wise folks have remarked that meaningful giving is marked by the love we sew into our gifts. Yet, it seems finding the perfect gifts for those we love often adds stress to our lives. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it can be easy to think that it’s the price tag or trendiness of a gift that makes it special, when it’s actually the thought behind it that makes the tradition of giving so profound.


Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?


Maybe it’s booking plane tickets to reunite with loved ones, or stocking your pantry with food for the extra mouths around the table. Maybe you volunteer extra time at the local soup kitchen or food bank. Maybe you like to curl up by the fire, sip hot cocoa and read timeless Christmas classics.


In the Maritimes, we have a longstanding holiday tradition of giving handmade gifts. Each present is carefully thought about and crafted with the recipient in mind. People, young and old, use materials and ingredients to fashion gifts of sentiment.


Over the years, we’ve adopted this tradition within our family business. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, our staff are busy in the preserve kitchen creating small batches of delicious preserves. We use as many local and fresh ingredients as possible and add very little sugar to produce jars of savory and sweet preserves.

 artisan preserves

Now, after an incredibly busy summer and fall of hosting thousands or visitors, we get knee-deep in mail orders in time for the holidays. Our summer restaurant is transformed into something that resembles Santa’s workshop!


After the preserves have been made, our Preserve Company family gathers together with armloads of boxes, bows, tape, and loads of our yummy, handmade preserves. Our carefully crafted artisan preserves are individually packaged and sent to addresses across North America-to friends and family who will enjoy a taste of Prince Edward Island. During the holiday season, our seasonal gift boxes are in high demand as they’re a universal gift idea that can be given to anyone on your list. It’s always fun unwrapping gift boxes to see what treats are inside.

 holiday gift boxes

We realize that it can be tough at times to make and send gifts to our loved ones. This has motivated us to craft handmade preserves and send them to your loved ones on your behalf. It’s an honor to be a part of your seasonal giving.


This holiday season, we’re going to try to slow down and put an extra dose of love into our holiday gift giving.


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