Winter in the Gardens of Hope

Posted on December 16, 2015 by Bruce MacNaughton

Join Shirley and I for a snowshoe around the Gardens of Hope in mid Winter.

Honoring World Hospice and Palliative Care Day

Posted on October 06, 2015 by Bruce MacNaughton

Gardens of Hope

Hospice and palliative care is not about dying, it is about living well until the end. Feeling inspired by the many folks we’ve crossed paths with over the years  at the Preserve Company, we had a vision to build a respite cottage - a place of rest for individuals, families, or caregivers coping with serious life threatening illnesses.  Over the last few years, with generous support from the community, that vision has become a reality.

The Respite Cottage, or the Hope Cottage as it’s called by some guests, was formerly a church building, but was renovated into a wheelchair accessible cottage that sleeps seven individuals. There are two washrooms, a fireplace, open kitchen and decks. Nestled within the Gardens of Hope, 12 acres of awe-inspiring natural beauty on our property in New Glasgow, the cottage is also made available to those who are ministering to others and who are experiencing compassion fatigue.

As we celebrate World Hospice and Palliative Care Day on October 10th, we reflect on the courage and hope of the many guests who’ve stayed in the Respite Cottage. We don’t have the words to convey how these amazing individuals and their families have shaped our lives and made the Gardens of Hope a very special place.

In honor of these friends, we’d like to share a few words they’ve been kind enough to share with us.

 gardens of hope flower

“We are so blessed to have found you both and been well enough to travel to the beautiful, picturesque and serene Gardens of Hope. This vacation was truly a God send; a much needed escape for the four of us, from the difficult road we have travelled over the past year[…] We are so grateful for your warm hospitality at the cottage, the Preserve Co., and the Garden Theatre, but we are also so grateful for all of the many extras you so graciously organized … We will remain eternally grateful for the beautiful 8 days of family time we were at to enjoy at the Gardens of Hope Cottage. We will do all that we can to pay-it-forward and will hold a very special place in our hearts for PEI, the Garden of Hope and our two Angels; Shirley and Bruce.” 

Gardens of Hope daisy

  “There are not enough thanks you’s that we can say that could possibly convey how grateful we are to have spent quality family time at Hope Cottage. The Gardens of Hope is such a tranquil place and gave us all reflection time, and indeed gave us comfort and hope for our future. We loved the quiet, hand-holding, loving moments where we never felt so alive or loved. We explored your island and your grounds and by far our best moment happened here at the Hope Gardens. We instantly connected with nature, your selected art work around the property, the lily ponds, butterflies, waterbus, dragonflies, everything was so full of life. We are blessed and we know it.”

gardens of hope rose

“Our two nights’ rest surrounded by nature’s beauty have created memories that will never be forgotten.”

gardens of hope flower

“...this was one of my dying wishes to see Anne of Green Gables and that was great. My stay here at the Gardens of Hope just topped the trip. Thank you for your kindness for everything you’ve done for us.  When I came in the door, it was breathtaking. I fell in love with the place.”

gardens of hope brown eyed susan

The Respite Cottage has become a place of rest, hope and renewed spirit. It is available at no cost for up to one week for individuals who have a life threatening illness but are well enough to travel, caregivers and those ministering to others. Non-Profit human service organizations are also welcome to use it for small gatherings or meetings. For more information about the Respite Cottage, please email


The Gardens of Hope Respite Cottage

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In the 2004, a vision was created to form The Country Gardens Foundation of Hope, Inc. A large part of its vision is to build a “Respite Cottage” within the Gardens of Hope located in New Glasgow, PEI. These spacious 12 acre gardens were created for Islanders and visitors alike to enjoy the natural beauty of Prince Edward Island. An old Catholic Chapel called St. Joseph's , located at the entrance to the National Park in Cavendish, was moved to its present location within the Gardens of Hope.
With the renovations now complete, the “Respite Cottage” is a place of rest, hope and renewed spirit.  The cottage is made available for individuals, families, or caregivers coping with the effects of a life threatening illness. It is also made available to caregivers and those ministering to others who themselves are experiencing compassion fatigue.



The Purpose of The Respite Cottage

Our hope and prayer is that the garden setting of the Respite Cottage will allow those who visit or stay to be ministered to by nature's beauty.

The cottage provides a warm and comfortable environment. It is a space designed for peace and tranquility.



Who Can Use The Cottage?

Individuals who are diagnosed with a life threatening illness and are well enough to travel are welcome to stay at The Cottage for up to one week.

Caregivers and those ministering to others who themselves are experiencing compassion fatigue.

Non-Profit human service organizations for small gatherings or meetings.


Gathering Around the Fireplace


View of the Kitchen from Loft Bedroom 



Dining Room 


Quilted Comforts





The Cottage is wheelchair accessible.

The Cottage is able to sleep 6-7 individuals comfortably.

Two washrooms; one fully wheelchair accessible.

Fireplace, Open Kitchen, Decks.

Dishes and bedding provided.


When Is the Cottage Available?

The Cottage is available year round.

Please make your inquiries here:

Thank you for your interest.

Birds, beaches, and summer breezes in PEI

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Bruce MacNaughton

By Ron Arvidson

Greater Yellowlegs at Cape Traverse


This time of year, we all want to be at the beach. The weather is fine, the sand is appealing and the water is warm. But this time of year our beaches are also attractive to our feathered friends and we should all be aware of their presence on the beach.
Year round, our beaches are occupied by crow and seagulls but this time of year we see a number of birds that migrate through the province after breeding and nesting in the Arctic and are on their way south.



A variety of Shorebirds at Augustine Cove


Of these, a group of particular interest are the shorebirds. These birds are found throughout North America along the edge of out waters.   Some prefer salt water and can only be seen on the sandy and rocky coastlines of the oceans and mudflats, while others may be found feeding in salt water and fresh water, depending on the season. A few are found inland and along our streams, or at times, in berry fields. Many of them migrate to areas thousands of kilometers away south.


Semipalmated Plover plus at Cape Traverse


So now is a good time to visit the beach and remember to be mindful that you are sharing it with our feathered friends as they are fuelling up for a long migration and not interrupt their feeding.


Semipalmated Sandpiper at Rovis Beach in Victoria-by-the- Sea



Black-bellied Plover in Carleton Cove



Bonaparte's Gull, a gull that nests in the Arctic and stops to visit on its way South.


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Graceful Rain

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