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Sandy Coral Starfish Mug

Sandy Coral Starfish Mug
$34.95 CAD


Redrocks Pottery

Each piece of pottery is handmade and crafted with care through a many step process resulting in a one of a kind product.

We combine both art and utility to give you functional pieces you can cherish over the years.

Our sandy coral starfish mug is perfect for hot or cold beverages. It's design is tall and sleek with a handle that is comfy to hold. This piece is also finished with a hand built starfish placed on the outside. Each mug has one in a different spot! Because each piece is handmade, they may differ slightly in size. As always, our goal is to create items that will be used and loved so each of our pieces are both dishwasher and microwave safe!

Size: 5.75" (15cm)

Capacity: 400ml

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