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Butter Masala

Butter Masala
$6.36 CAD
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For a milder taste of India than some of our other curry sauces, try this option. Plenty of flavour, but not too much heat (a 4 out of ten on our unscientific spice scale), our Butter Masala is a great option for the less adventurous eaters around your table. It goes great with a dollop of our Mango or Apple Chutney on the side!

Size: 250ml/8.4oz

Our products are perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

  • Low in Sodium:  All our products are less than 2% of your daily recommended sodium intake.

  • Low in fats and lipids 2mg (Less than 8% of fats)

  • Free of Cholesterol - Less than 0 mg - 0% of your daily intake.

  • Gluten free - People that suffer from Celiac disease will be happy to note that there is no gluten in any of our products. A number of our competitors use flour and other gluten agents to increase volume and shelf life of their products.

  • Vegan - Butter Masala Paste is free of animal fat and could be used in combination with Beans or Lentils and vegetables.

Cook with Butter Masala: 

Butter Chicken Recipe


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