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Honouring Wisdom + Invert for Happiness + Duck Eggs

Honouring Wisdom + Invert for Happiness + Duck Eggs

Good Morning from Warren Grove, Prince Edward Island,
I hope everyone had a ‘happy’ week.
Thank you for joining with me every Saturday.
The toll of a stressful summer is catching up. I find it hard to think of anything to communicate that doesn’t sound whiny. 
In the words of everyone’s favourite irreplaceable game show host, Alex Trebek, "It's very important in life to know when to shut up."
James Clear has created one of the world’s most popular newsletters. Sent weekly to over one million people. The 3-2-1 Newsletter is “The most wisdom per word of any newsletter on the web.” Below is a sample of the clarity of style he shares.
How to Be Unhappy:
-stay inside all-day
-move as little as possible
-spend more than you earn
-take yourself (and life) too seriously
-look for reasons why things won’t work
-always consume, never contribute
-resent the lucky and successful
-never say hello first
-be unreliable
Invert for happiness:
-get outside each day
-move: walk, exercise, dance
-spend less than you earn
-view life as play
-be the one who looks for solutions
-develop a bias to contribute and create
-learn from the lucky and successful
-be the first to say hello
-be reliable
~ James Clear
Sign up for his newsletter here.
"For me, success is not a public thing. It's a private thing.
It's when you have fewer and fewer regrets." ~ Toni Morrison
Grandmothers Wisdom
During difficult times, you move forward in small steps
Do what you to do, but little by bit.
Don’t think about the future, not even what might happen tomorrow. Wash the dishes.
Take off the dust.
Write a letter.
Make some soup.
Do you see?
You are moving forward step by step.
Take a step and stop.
Get some rest.
Compliment yourself.
Take another step.
Then another one.
You won’t notice, but your steps will grow bigger and bigger.
And time will come when you can think about the future without crying.
~ Elena Mikhalkova, “The Room of Ancient Keys.”
There was not a lot of time/energy to read this week, but here are a few things which managed to catch my eye.
Positive News...
Indigenous-led resistance to fossil fuel projects in North America has prevented emissions equivalent to 400 coal-fired power plants from entering the atmosphere in the last decade.
The Indigenous Environmental Network and Oil Change International, analyzed the impact Indigenous resistance had on proposed fossil fuel projects in the US and Canada. They studied 20 cancelled or delayed following protests.

The shelved projects would have spewed out the equivalent of 25 percent of the US and Canada’s annual emissions, the report’s authors estimated. Their findings are welcome news. Read report here

(sad news) A record number of environmental activists were killed in 2020.
“Indigenous communities resisting oil, gas, and coal projects across their territory are demonstrating true climate leadership,” said Kyle Gracey of Oil Change International. “Respecting and honouring the wisdom and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples is a key solution to the climate crisis.”
It seems the big-dollar wars are about oil, money and control. The little dollar battles staged by the committed are about saving the sacred, our earth.
Denmark, Costa Rica seek an alliance to speed up the end of oil and gas. Dig Deeper into this article from Reuters.
“...the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it, and to foster its renewal, is our only legitimate hope.”
~ Wendell Berry, The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays.
"Double down on your best relationship. It's the investment with the highest return." ~ James Clear

I hope you have a wonderful weekend of laughter.

Laughter is the virus that infects you with humanity. And if you sit with somebody and laugh — not at them, but laugh with them, wholeheartedly, how in the world can you get up from that table and say, “Pssh, those people”? You can’t. And if you’ve laughed with them, you’re going to cry with them, too. That laughter is a very dangerous portal for humanity.
~ Luis Alberto Urrea
If you didn't catch it the first time...try this one.

With love from Prince Edward Island.
Bruce + Millie
ps. Your Morning Smile
I was walking past a farm, and a sign said, 'Duck, eggs!'
I thought, "That's an unnecessary comma..."
And then it hit me.
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Arlen - September 18, 2021

Thank you for your Saturday morning blog – I look forward to your inspiring words each week. Today’s video of the children singing was just beautiful. And of course today’s chuckle was priceless!

althea - September 18, 2021

morning, bruce. hahahaha. a memory. some 60+ years ago, walking to school with classmates in HK; sunny day, suddenly a shout: ‘duck. ball coming’. all three of us ducked and the tennis ball sailed over our heads – coming from the boys section of our school. thanks. much needed this lightness after rough week. blessings and love.

Stephanie Vargas - September 18, 2021

Thank you for the morning smile! I hope you have a lovely weekend!! <3

Jack & Lillian Paul - September 18, 2021

Thanks for another great read. The world really needs “love” as there is so much racism about. We truly are all God’s children.

Anne Gillis - September 18, 2021

ahhh…. the importance of a comma. Yet again, I laugh and smile when I read your message.

Janice Langford - September 18, 2021

Good morning Bruce, thank you for the quote from Alex Trebek, how true, and the link to James Clear and thank you for your weekly blog. Have a good week.

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